Prepaid Debit Cards

The NetSpend prepaid debit card is a great way to manage your money. It’s like having a bank account without the overdraft fees. The card has a lot of great features:


Don’t risk walking around with a bunch of cash in your pocket. Keep your money protected with your own PIN. If you lose your card, your money is still safe, just call NetSpend at (866) 377-7363 for a replacement card.


A NetSpend card can be used at any store that accepts VISA or Mastercard.

Load money

You can load money at any UnBank location for about what it costs to use an ATM, but that doesn’t mean you lose flexibility. You can load your NetSpend at over 100,000 locations across the country!

Low Cost

Choose from three simple and affordable plans:

  • Pay as You Go- $1 per POS transaction
  • Monthly Unlimited Plan- $9.95 per month with unlimited POS usage
  • Annual Unlimited Plan- $69.95 per year with unlimited POS usage
Access to CASH

You can easily get cash from any ATM that accepts VISA/Mastercard with your card and PIN for $2.50 (plus the ATM surcharge). You can also request “cash back” on transactions at certain grocery or convenience stores to avoid the ATM fees.

Direct Deposit – FREE

You can have your paycheck or government benefit check (SSI or SSA) deposited directly onto your card at no cost.

Anytime Alerts – FREE

You can receive a text message or email each time your card is used so you can keep track of the balance.

Savings account that pays up to 5% interest

You can easily shift some of your card balance into a savings account that pays up to 5% interest. If you need the money, simply transfer it back onto your card.

Manage your account online or just call (866) 377-7363 and speak to a real person at any time.

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